Country Overview

Surrounded by giant neighbors Brazil, Argentina, and the Atlantic Ocean, tiny Uruguay enjoys a most privileged setting.

Capital Montevideo is surprisingly modern and becoming popularly known as the "Capital of Mercosur" - Latin America's leading trading bloc. The country's historic cultural unity has helped its development as a democratic country.

For the visitor Uruguay features 200 miles of outstanding Atlantic beaches which are extremely popular in the Austral summer (Dec-March). Punta del Este is a world class resort. In the interior gaucho ranch vacations are growing in popularity.

Shoppers in Montevideo will find a wide slection of fur and leather goods. There's plenty of year 'round casino action, nightlife can be lively, and food and drink is excellent.

Uruguay is often a popular bonus country for travelers visiting Buenos Aires (just across the Plata River). A side trip to Montevideo can be added to an Argentine itinerary for very little additional cost, and prices within Uruguay are a bargain.

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