Country Overview

Here, in the very heart of South America, is a landlocked country bordered by Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil that is divided by the broad Paraguay River.

To the north lies the vast Gran Chaco wilderness comprising two thirds of the national territory; while south of historic capital city Asunción (founded 1537) lie rich fertile, rolling plains that stretch to the Argentine border.

Asunción is the nearest major city and gateway to famed Iguassu Falls. Daily round-trip tours visit the falls (5 hrs. each way via motorcoach or 40 min. by air). Usually coupled with a visit to the falls is a tour of astonishing Itaipú Dam, the world’s largest hydro-electric complex.

Overnight trips to historic Jesuit missions in the south, casino action, plus growing eco-adventure travel (birding, trekking, fishing, ranch stays) in the Gran Chaco are Paraguay’s main visitor attractions.

Spanish is spoken throughout the country, but the national language is Guarani, the ancient, proto language of South America.

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