Travel Facts

City Codes
LCE: La Ceiba
SAP: San Pedro Sula
TGU: Tegucigalpa
Entry requirements: Valid U.S. passport. Tourist card issued upon arrival.
Taxes/Surcharges: International departure tax: $25.
Hotel taxes and service charges: 16% hotel tax.
Tipping: Not included in restaurant bills, add 10 to 15% depending upon service.
Currency: Lempira - Major Credit cards accepted widely, ATMs in major cities. Banking hours: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.
Shopping: Most popular purchases are items made from the famed Honduran mahogany. These include carved statuary, bowls, plates, utensils, and even beautifully carved doors! Opals and other semi-precious gems are a good buy as well as brightly painted ceramics, leather goods, hammocks, and souvenirs with pre-Columbian Mayan designs.
Food and Drink: Tropical fruits compliment the seafood found on the coast and beef served in the highlands. Tortillas, rice, and beans usually accompany most dishes. Snail soup may be the country's most exotic specialty. Honduras is known as one of the world's top international tropical fruit exporters. In season year 'round are plenty of pineapples, bananas, sapodilla, passion fruit, papayas, and mangoes. In the Bay Islands dining has been influenced by ties to other Caribbean islands. Coconut lovers should try pan de coco (coconut bread), flan de coco (coconut custard) and coconut cream pies.
Telephone Area Codes:(504) country code; no city codes.

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