Country Overview

Panama has historically been known as the "Crossroads of the World." Here the world's two great oceans are but 50 miles apart. The narrow tropical isthmus offers a wide range of attractions and activities for every taste from sightseeing at the world famed canal to bargain duty free shopping.

Capital Panama City has excellent hotels, restaurants, and casino action. Today in Panama one may experience a wide range of travel experiences and adventures.

Here one can discover the Spanish Main in Portobelo, tour Old Panama that was sacked by the Pirate Morgan, and enjoy five star luxury hotels and resorts. Off both coasts there's world class deep sea fishing in PiƱas Bay, and in the Caribbean the incredible 300+ islands of the San Blas Indians.

In the south the still virgin Darien wilds begin where the Pan American Highway ends.

As the country's advertising claims there's more here than a canal - and there really is!

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