Falkland Islands

Travel Facts

Entry requirements: North American citizens require a valid passport. All visitors are required to demonstrate on arrival that they have return tickets, accommodation and sufficient funds to cover their expenses during their stay.

Taxes/Surcharges: £20 departure tax on leaving the Falklands.

Hotel taxes and service charges: None

Tipping: Not required

Currency: Falkland Island pound, directly equivalent to the British pound. Sterling is accepted everywhere, US dollars are widely accepted as are US and Sterling travelers cheques. Some places accept Visa and Mastercard. There are no ATMs on the islands. Bank opening hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 3pm. The bank provides the usual range of banking services including foreign exchange and cash against credit cards (with passport as identification) subject to administration charges.

Shopping: There are a number of retail outlets in Stanley. These sell a wide range of basic commodities as well as a variety of souvenirs, many of them locally produced. Not to be missed are knitwear made from the Falklands' own wool, leatherware, pebble jewellery, fine art, prints, posters, books, stamps and mint coins.

Food and Drink: Food is generally British in character. Local specialties are fine quality lamb, mutton and beef, sea trout, mullet, mussels and oysters, and home grown vegetables. There are a wide range of excellent Chilean wines available from supermarkets or in restaurants.

Telephone Area Codes: no area codes. The Falklands country code is +500

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