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Land of Flowers

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Colombia calls itself the "Land of El Dorado" for here in South America's northwestern corner is a country truly rich in gold and treasure.

Over 23,000 priceless gold artifacts are on display in capital city Bogotá at the famed National Gold Museum. In Bogotá 16th century churches share the skyline with 21st century skyscrapers.

Shoppers will soon discover the world's best emeralds are found and sold in Colombia.

On the Colombian Caribbean coast the fabled Spanish Main's greatest colonial fortress, San Felipe, still stands in storied Cartagena, now a popular beach resort. Also in the Caribbean growing numbers of skin and scuba divers are discovering the offshore Colombian islands of San Andrés and Providencia.

Trip Reports

Medellin -- In Full Bloom Once Again!

On my Colombia visit I must have heard that word a dozen times, and there was no mistaking it; for transformación is virtually the same in Spanish. I was in Medellin, the mega metropolis now

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Cartagena, Colombia

Landing in Cartagena, Colombia's Rafael Núñez International Airport, roughly three hours from Miami is a great place to begin to discover Colombia - just don't tell anybody! Although cruise

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Medellin's Flower Festival

Medellin's colorful Flower Festival (Feria de Flores), is a vibrant, eight-day celebration held every August featuring an equestrian extravaganza, treasured antique cars, dozens of shows, an

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Medellin Holiday Light Extraviganza

If you are looking for an exciting holiday destination, consider Medellin, Colombia and its spectacular holiday light extravaganza. This Andean city has dazzled audiences for decades with it

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