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Koricancha - Temple del Sol & Santo Domingo

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Few travel destinations in the world equal Peru.

Nowhere else, for example, may one better appreciate the beauty, grandeur and mystery of lost civilizations than at ancient Machu Picchu. There is no more intriguing archaeological riddle than the great ground drawings on the desert floor at Nazca.

In Peru one may cruise the Amazon at Iquitos, surf the Pacific off capital Lima, and visit the ancient Inca capital Cuzco in the high Andes.

Dining can be very exotic throughout Peru, and shopping equally so at a wide range of Indian markets and modern malls in major cities.

Also increasingly popular are sidetrips to the astonishing new mystery sites in the desert at Sipan, Tucume and Chan Chan.

Trip Reports

Iquitos - Gateway to Amazonas

Life in Iquitos, Peru revolves around the Amazon River. There are no roads leading to the city - an international airport and the muddy waters of the Amazon are the only ways in and out.

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Arequipa -- Convents, Canyons & Condors

Peru's second largest city, Arequipa, is first in many intriguing ways that include an extraordinary religious site, and nearby canyons that are the world's deepest.

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Peru's Sacred Valley of the Incas

As we approached Cusco, Peru, on a recent early morning AeroContinente flight from Lima, it became clear that the Inca empire builder's choice of this area for their greatest palaces, temple

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