little clay things...

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7-5 chrome tin glaze

7-5 snr over mason

7-5 rco snr over cel

5-5 underglaze test

5-5 test bowl

5-5 rco in antimony

5-5 little mco vase

5-5 veined vase

5-5 rutile rco over clear

5-5 mco dupe attempt

5-5 porcelain slip over bmix

5-5 old glaze over shapes

5-5 tiny vase

5-5 crimped slab vase

5-5 rco mason stripes

5-5 rco mason streaks

4-12-layer test

4-12-refire nickel over rco


4-12-ct-rco cerium

Phil opaque











random thoughts

Nory tile

Container 1

32 - Rcolayeringoverlfclear

35 - MnCoovercromeslip

34 - nickeloxidecomp

2 - NiRioovereverything

6 - PuttclearRcoCooverSnR

4 - ChunplumMnCobowl

20 - SnRbaseundercelestiteMnCo

2 - ChromepurpleSnR

17 - Ambercohenbottom

15 - Redchromeundercelestite

19 - Redchromeband

8 - Rcoputtclear

21 - SnRtopRcocelestiteclear

14 - RcoMnCoopaque

31 - MnCoopaqueoverayumi

1 - pinchpot

30 - MnCooverayumi

12 - Mn2Cohalfnewopaque

18 - Mn2Cohalfovereverything

22 - Mn2Cohalfputtopaque

26 - Mn2Cohalfovermason

Cobalt with zinctite seeding

Porcelain with cobalt slip

Mason powder on porcelain

Layered yellow porcelain

Layered brown porcelain

Zincite seeding

Oxide in slip test

Hump blended stained clay bowl

Pot with lid

Stain powder inserted into clay

Stained layers - orange, yellow over B mix

Stain swirls - gray in porcelain

Chrome cobalt slip test

Holmium test

Yellow iron oxide test

Red iron oxide test

Ce mang cobalt

Br mang cobalt

Pu mang cobalt

Cr 2.2 nickel

Br 2.2 nickel

Pu 2.2 nickel

glaze base test - nickel

firing notes

quick shots

C-11 holmium-nickel-cerium

C-10 holmium-nickel-rio

C-9 copper-holmium-manganese

C-8 copper-cerium

C-7 rco-cerium-cobalt

C-6 rco-manganese-cobalt

C-5 rco-manganese-holmium-cobalt

Glaze setup notes

C-4 manganese-cerium-cobalt

C-3 manganese-holmium

C-2 cerium-cobalt

C-1 manganese-cobalt

C- rare earth tests

CG- manganese and cobalt

CG- copper and red iron oxide

CG- nickel

CG- recipes

CG- base glaze test bowl

CG- nickel test dish 1

CG- red copper glaze tile

CG- base glaze test

CG- iron oxide based shape

CG- celestite glaze bowl

CG- bowl and catcher 2

CG- bowl on catcher 1

CG- cobalt and oatmeal bowl (refire)

CG- Susan Thomas glaze bowl

CG- square round tester

CG- planter

CG- stained underglaze tester

CG- underglazed candle dish

CG- stained slip underglaze

CG- glass melting starting point

CG- seaweed indigo shape

CG- plum seaweed shape

CG- mason stain vase

CG- blue vase sample

CG- Seaweed plum albany dish

CG- iron oxide rutile stained clay

CG- General notes

Vessel 1

House box 1

Incense hut

Beach house

Fabric experiment

Vase - iron oxide wash

House - iron oxide wash

Bunny house

Square box house

House - melon with birch roof

Glaze sampler

Terrace house 6

Terrace house 5

Shino over saturated iron

Chun plum over saturated iron

Albany slip over saturated iron

Indigo float over saturated iron

Slip lines test

Scrap tile 5

Glaze test - Potter's Choice over Stroke & Coat

Scrap tile 4

Scrap tile 3

Scrap tile 2

Scrap tile 1

Terrace house 4

Terrace house 3

Terrace house 2

Terrace house 1

Window tile

Leaves berry bowl

Leaf phone holder

House box

Ladybug leaf two

Odds and ends 1

Incense leaf

Tea light holder 1

Small doodle box

Standing whistle

Slip test

Incense burner house

Tea light house

Leaf bowl


Four airplant holders

House planter two

Leaves box

House planter 1

Red roof house

Flamingo tile


Three house tile

House for Dolores

Test bowl

Moon and stars tile

One ladybug leaf

Thrown pot 3

Thrown pot 2

Thrown pot 1

Ladybug leaf

House with gate

Cat on wall

Air plant tile

Square bowl

Air plant hanger

Small box

Little house two

Hammock wall tile

First little house